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I4U - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does your online course offer a credit to be applied toward university requirements.
Right now we're in contact with institutes that have an italian language program, but at the moment our course doesn't offer any credit to be applied toward university requirements.
I got a problem with the lessons: if i disconnect and then i connect again my PC, i can access any lesson again!
With the new release of our course this problem should be solved. If the problem persists, please contact us.
It is possible to complete the lessons without any Internet connection; can i learn with my portable PC even in the garden outside my home ?
To enter the program you need an Internet connection, but after the first download of the lesson you can disconnect and perform our activities.
Can i enter the course from different PC stations ?
Of course: if you enter I4U - Italian for You ! via Internet: you only have to type your username and your password. Warning ! to listen the audio dialogues the PC must be provided with sound card and speakers.
I've tried your Demo, but i'm not able to hear any audio, any suggestion ?
If you see the animations and you can solve the exercises the problem is with the settings of your PC. Check if your hardware hardware (sound card and speakers) is working and check the software settings too:.wav files must be properly enabled.
I'm interested in buying your course, bou i would like to know the price in Euro?
The price depends on the changing rate € vs. $
I would like to buy your course, but i don't want to send my credit card number via email.
The online purchase is performed in a safe site of the bank and you type the number only to confirm your order.
I don want to buy with my Credit Card, are there any other payment methods?
You can buy our products, by making the payment via:
- postal order, addressed:
W4b - Web for Business s.r.l.
Via Pellicceria, 10
I-50122 Firenze (Italia);
- international bank check, addressed as above
- bank transfer, to our bank account
# 30680.21
"Web for business s.r.l."
Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Ag. Empoli
ABI 1030 CAB 37830
I am interested in I4U in cd Rom format. Do you carry this or it is only on line?
I4U Italian for You ! is available in CD-Rom, click here to know the cost.
I'm interested in your course, but i can't open the Demo lesson, please help?
If you don't see the Demo there are two possible problems:
1) Your browser needs a plug-in to play the animation, that is realized with Macromedia Flash: click here to download it. It is completely safe.

2) The Demo is rich of content and your internet connection isn't so fast: you need to wait some moments to complete the download.
I bought the course, but i didn't receive username and password: what can i do?
Passwords are sent authomatically at the moment of purchase and normally yuor account is ready in a few moments. The delay could depend on the mail server.
If you don't receive your account data in 24 hours click here to contact our technical help.
How can i know if the answers to the activities are correct ?
Inside our lessons there are two kinds of check: there are some activities where you find a "check" button that displays the answers and there are other exercises where you have to send your answers to a tutor that checks them and answers you by mail after a while.
I've tried to buy online your course but i can't complete the operations: why?
Sometimes the buying requests are done when the servers of the bank perform certain routine procedures and this slows any other process. Try again in a different moment of the day.
What is the price of the private lessons and what happens inside them?
The cost and the program of the private lessons changes in relation to the number of didactic units you choose. A single unit costs 5 US $ and you have to buy a minimum of 5 units. If you're interested in buying some unit click here to contact our didactic responsible.
It is possible to use your courses inside our school?
I4U - Italian for You ! offers several partnership opportunities.
Click here to read all the informations you need.


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